Company: Puralube, Inc.
Transaction: Undisclosed Private Placement
RMG’s Role: RMG was co- advisor introducing co-advisor and investor the Macquarie Group

Puralube is a world-wide leading enterprise in the field of used oil recycling and has grown into an independent and reliable partner in the market for base oils. It produces and distributes up to four cuts of top-quality, high-grade base oils for the European lubricants market under the brand name pur – e.g. pur75, pur160, pur300. Their excellent physical and chemical characteristics correspond to the requirements of API Group II base oils and meet strict industry specifications and tough environmental standards.

New recycling plants based on this technology are planned for expansion in Europe, the United States and Asia. These facilities are distinguished by their environmental friendliness and their high efficiency. From an ecological perspective, the HyLubeTM process contributes substantially to safeguarding the environment, by conserving finite fossil resources, and by substantially reducing CO2 emissions through lower energy consumption in the production process.