Company: Virxsys
Industry: Biotech
Transaction: $25,000,000 Private Placement
RMG’s Role: Joint Advisor in securing financing through it’s high net worth individual network

VIRxSYS’ mission is to become the leading technology company for delivering biologic and gene therapies into cells. The Company has created a lentiviral gene delivery technology, which is the critical link to delivering genetic medicines for the treatment of a broad range of life-threatening diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. The Company expects that its genetic medicines will provide dramatically improved patient outcomes, including disease remission and possibly permanent cures. While VIRxSYS’ initial focus is on cellular therapies for HIV/AIDS and various cancers, the Company’s numerous collaborations include work towards vaccines for those terrible diseases. Eventually, the Company intends to apply the Company’s technology to other diseases as well as possibly to countering bioterrorism and functional genomics.