Company: Horsehead Industries, Inc.
Industry: Metals Recycling and Environmental Services
Transaction #5: $27,000,000 Sale of Mine Property and Fixed Assets
RMG’s Role: Sole Advisor conducting a sales process resulting in sale of Mine Property and Fixed Assets in New York.

Horsehead Industries is the largest zinc producer in the United States and the leading manufacturer of value-added zinc products including zinc oxide and zinc powder. Leading the industry as an integrated producer as well as the world’s largest producer of zinc from recycled sources, Horsehead’s electrothermic smelting facility, the only one of its type in the Western Hemisphere, provides unique capabilities allowing it to utilize the most diverse range of zinc-bearing feed materials. Horshead’s facilities process hundreds of thousands of tons per year of electric arc furnace (EAF) dust generated by the steel industry. EAF dust is a listed hazardous waste. It contains approximately 20% zinc from galvanized scrap melted by steel mini-mills. Horsehead’s Waelz kiln technology has been designated by the U.S. EPA as the “Best Demonstrated Available Technology” for processing EAF dust.