Environmental Services

Riverside Environmental Services (RES) was formed by RMG in conjunction with a leading, global financial institution to create a leader in inorganic hazardous waste resource recovery. The Company’s primary objective is to build and acquire facilities which process Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD) generated in electric arc furnace steelmaking from which it would recover useful products including crude zinc oxide. EAFD is an Environmental Protection Agency listed hazardous waste (KO61). The high temperature metals recovery (HTMR) process for EAFD that the Company intends to utilize was originally developed in the United States by an RMG founder and members of the RES team and is the most widely deployed and commercially proven technology for processing EAFD.


RES will also provide other business opportunities in the recycling and metals areas.

Leaders in the Field

RMG has assembled leaders in the field, including several founders and long-time former senior executives of HRD (Horsehead Resource Development), the world’s largest processor of EAFD.

Jim Carpenter was President and CEO of Horsehead Industries (“HII” – NASD: ZINC), which included both HRD and the largest US zinc producer ZCA, during its successful restructuring from early 2002 – early 2004.

Ron Statile is among the leading finance executives in the industry having been with HII for nearly 20 years including as CFO from 1997 – 2004. He most recently was CFO of Great Lakes Carbon

Bill Smelas is the former President and long time head of operations for HRD. He led the launch of the EAFD recycling industry as he helped develop the process applications and formation of HRD in conjunction with the recently passed Dave Carpenter, father of Jim Carpenter.

Peter Kern was also a key member of the original HRD team and is a former HII SVP in charge of technology and R&D.